Roth IRA Update

December 30, 2019
December 30, 2019 Ryan

Roth IRA Update

Not a lot to report from my Roth IRA this week.  However, I did make a few minor adjustments (see below):


Below you’ll find equity position allocation by weight. What jumps out to me most is that two of the highest weighted stocks are Broadcom and Qualcom.  Although slightly different, they may overlap too much and represent a little more risk (exposure) to one sector than I’m comfortable with.

Dec 29 2019

Dec 29 2019

Energy and healthcare appear to be underweight, so that’s something I’ll have to address in 2020.  Most energy stocks have taken a real beating lately, so underweight hasn’t been a big deal. However, it’s time to add something like an XOM or a utility like a PPL.

Looking at current daily charts

VOO – Riding with the market. Nothing new to report here, but the market is overbought.  A small pullback would be healthy.

MMM – Nice move up in December.  I’m happy with my position here with 3.25% dividend.

MSFT – My largest position and a beast.  Adding on pullbacks.

ELS – This stock has been one of my best performers, but has weakened in December.  It’s trying to build a base here, but I’ll need to set stops in case of a larger selloff in January.

WMT – Not much going on here.  Continuing to hold.

RY – Bank stocks are crazy. RY pays a strong 3.96% dividend, but the stock price has been all over the place.  Might make sense to pick up a sector leader like JPM.

JNJ – Huge winner in December. Added a little in December.

QCOM – I have a large position here.  Stock price looks ok, but I won’t be adding, for now.

PG – Looks to be setting up for another leg up.  I might add since I’m underweight in this space.

CSCO – Large position and not adding.  Chart is behaving ok.

MRK – Strong chart.

TYG – Rarely has a good chart, but there has been huge volume in here lately. Not sure what’s driving it, but holding position as-is, for now.  Dividend over 14%.

BX – These guys know where to put their money, so I’m following.  This is a new position paying 3.4% dividend.

LMTAnother new position. I didn’t have a defensive sector represented, so I picked up one of the best in LMT.

AVGO – Strong performance over the last few months, but showed a little weakness last week.  Worth watching since I’m still concerned about overexposure (AVGO + QCOM).  One of them will likely leave my portfolio in 2020.


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