Arlo Releases New Floodlight

January 5, 2020
January 5, 2020 Ryan

Arlo Releases New Floodlight

I haven’t been a huge fan of Arlo over the years, but my opinions are shifting.  Of course, the prices for their products are still nuts.  I can’t imagine what the profit margins are, but it is what it is.  I’ve only used the first Arlo cams and have experienced every issue you can think of: water getting inside camera housing, red tinted recordings, slow response time to motion, etc.  However, the original Arlos that I still have are working well and have been for a while.  It’s likely that I’ll replace them with Arlo 2s since they are always on sale and I can’t talk myself into the newer models despite better resolution, etc.

One product that has been working well is the Arlo Security Light.  It’s been reliable and puts out plenty of light to cover my driveway.  I have to recharge it about once every 45 days, but I’m cool with that.  Because of the success I’ve had with this light, I’m interested in getting my hands on the new cam/light.  If the price is crazy high, I may pass.


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