July 11, 2020 Ryan

M1 :: Account Update :: July 11

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I still have an auto-deposit rate of $100/week.  This cash is redistributed across all my positions based on weight definitions.

Activity in July as of 7/10 (excluding deposits):

  • HASI dividend payment
  • Two new additions to the portfolio:
    • DLR – Cloud infrastructure REIT. 74% payout ratio.
    • COLD – I wanted to be in this niche – temperature controlled warehouses (cold storage). 67% payout ratio.

Current Allocation:

Here is a snapshot of my positions.  The returns don’t look too hot, but this account is less than a year old and a lot of the positions were purchased during the big run up to the Covid 19 pandemic.   I’m not worried about it, however, because the goal here is to generate dividend cash flow during retirement (many years away).

July Divs Weight


July 2020 Positions

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