Attractive 2021 ETFs

December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020 Ryan

Attractive 2021 ETFs

Here are a few ETFs that should perform well in 2021.  Of course, many of these have already run up, but the themes should continue under the new administration – especially anything related to the environment and biotech.

ICLN – This Clean Energy ETF should have significant tailwinds under the Biden administration. However, I would like to see consolidation at these levels or a pullback to $23 before stating a position.  TAN is a my trade for the solar energy market in 2021.

ARKGARK‘s ETFs are all over the news and for good reason.  Cathie Wood is a genius in my opinion and ARK’s ETFs are on the front edge of what’s hot.  I want to be part of the next big developments in biotech, specifically genomics.  ARKG is hyper focused on this space.  Like ICLN, I would like a pullback in ARKG, but I definitely want to be here in 2021.

IBUY –  This one seems obvious and has benefited significantly from the stay-at-home economy.  I plan on holding the position I have, but if the fear of Covid subsides and money moves away from the online ecommerce bandwagon, IBUY’s growth could slow.  For now, I’m in and would add on pullbacks to $100.

PHO is my water play for now.  I may shift this theme to another ETF, but I like the sector.  More thoughts to come on this theme in future posts.

CIBR – I’m kicking myself for not being in a Cyber Security ETF before today, but there is  a strong likelihood that this theme will continue in 2021.  CIBR has been on a huge run, so a pullback would be interesting to me.

GBTC – This the Bitcoin Trust from Grayscale that is the easiest way to get Bitcoin exposure without trading directly in cryptocurrency.

Others I’m watching:


IHI – Medical devices

WCLD – Cloud computing

GAMR – Gaming


DRIV – Autonomous vehicles

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