Quick Robinhood Update

January 9, 2021 Ryan

Quick Robinhood Update

I trade almost daily in and out of my Robinhood account, so there isn’t much time for me to update you here.  However, I will call out some interesting trades that I’m currently sitting on and hope will pay off over the next month.

NIO – This one is obvious.  Everyone is talking about NIO and I think the story is intact.  I’ve been in and out of this position a few times over the last few weeks and started a new position last week.   There is talk of more catalyst soon, so we’ll see how it goes.

My specs are AQB, VLDR, and AI.  All three have ‘energy’ in social media.

I’m up big in another spec, ACST and will quickly exit on any volume weakness.

CRSP is a long term hold and add. I love the story.


Now that the election is over (assuming no ‘issues’ during inauguration), I’ll continue to push money into Biden trades including infrastructure, pot, EV, clean energy, and biotech.


Trade ’em well.

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