ETRADE Account Takes a Hit

January 31, 2021
January 31, 2021 Ryan

ETRADE Account Takes a Hit

It’s been a while, but my ETRADE brokerage account got hit last week.  The good news is that this account has been heavily in cash for the over a week, so the damage was minimal.  Ugh.  I’m headed into Monday with 40% cash, one short side hedge (UVXY) and a handful of positions that ALL have stop losses set.

A lot is truly unknown right now (of course).  It’s likely I’ll exit WYNN and XLNX for losses, but we’ll see. It’s also possible that by the end of the week, this account will either be in 100% cash or reinvested into oversold, quality companies.  If you’re wondering, I don’t trade the crazy spec world of GME, AMC, etc. in this account.  I am, however, playing the madness in my Robinhood account. Well, I was until they blocked buys in most of these volatile positions.  Hmm. Maybe time to leave Robinhood.

Trade ’em well.

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