M1 :: Account Changes

February 7, 2021
February 7, 2021 Ryan

M1 :: Account Changes

After months of keeping my hands out of this account, I decided to make a few adjustments.

Notable recent additions include PEP, JNJ, and JPM. I also rebalanced all of my holdings to position me better for early-2021.

Within the Healthcare Slice (25% of pie),  ABBV is still my largest position at 65%, followed by JNJ at 20%, and CAH at 15%.  All three pay good dividends and have sub-50% payout ratios.

Within the Real-Estate Slice (20% of pie), not much has changed. IIRP is still my largest position, followed by, in order, COLD, DLR, O, MPW, and STOR.

My third largest slice belongs to Technology (15% of pie) with equal weight of IBM and CCI.

The next group is Energy (10% of pie). Within this group, I have a mix of oil (XOM) and clean energy (HASI).

The next group is Finance (10% of pie).  JPM is a recent add and accounts for 30% of this slice.  The majority of my Finance slice is still in OZK.

HON makes up my only Industrial slice (10% of pie).

My last slice belongs to Consumer (10% of pie) brands like PEP (another recent add) and GIS.


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