Sunday Buzz

February 21, 2021
February 21, 2021 Ryan

Sunday Buzz

It’s time for the Sunday social buzz stocks..

Of course we have to start with CCIV.. the big announcement should come this week.  I think CCIV is priced at full value here (low 60s), but FOMO could drive the value up significantly in the next few days.  I’ve taken my profits, but may day trade it this week.

Anything blockchain or crypto.  The prices of Bitcoin just pushed through $57500 as FOMO traders can’t handle sitting on the sidelines.  There will be a huge pullback, so be prepared. For now, everyone is eyeballing the more-stable players like SQ, PYPL, TSLA, NVDA and the riskier, yet booming stocks like RIOT, HIVE, ARBKF, SOS, and MARA.  I continue to add to Bitcoin and Ethereum while also holding positions in GBTC.

Space is getting a lot of chatter: NPA, SPCE, MAXR, LORL, LMT, NOC, SRAC, HOL, SFTW.

NAKD chatter increasing.

DKNG and RKT both reporting earnings this week. Twitter talk increasing on both.

Keep an eye on agriculture stocks.  SEED strength.  MOS, ADM, DE.

CBAT, ITRM, SINO, DPW, PLTR, KMPH, OCGN all interesting.

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