Finally on Christmas Break

December 19, 2021
December 19, 2021 Ryan

Finally on Christmas Break

2021 was a long year and I’m honestly happy it’s almost over.

On the positive side, my wife and I moved into an unnecessarily larger home and sold our previous home for quite a bit more than originally anticipated.  With that sale, my net worth went up significantly and my dreams of retiring early are still on track.  2021 was also a big year for my investment accounts. No complaints there.

On the negative side, my health sucked.  Staying healthy is a top priority in 2022.  I flat out didn’t spend enough time just enjoying life and learning.  Most of my time was spent stressing and spreading myself too thinly across numerous commitments. Next year should be better personally… it has to be.  On the investments side, I don’t anticipate gains coming quite as easily as the previous two years.

There are two weeks left in 2021 and I plan to use this time to clean up my investment accounts and trim the losers.

Quick market vibe – next year might suck. There is just too much money in circulation and the talk of inflation may not be going away any time soon.  However, my negative view will quickly flip if the market talking heads start circulating chatter that high inflation is behind us.  For now, the talk is still “the worst is yet to come.”  I’m in that camp.

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